Meet WildlyNorth

Hi, my names Alexa Rae. I’m the face behind WildlyNorth and story teller of this outdoor based travel blog!

I’m a Minnesota gal, who has moved multiple times throughout my life. It’s safe to say this upbringing of moving around, is what fueled my love for traveling and exploring the great outdoors. Wildly enough, traveling as an adult was no learning curve for me. If anything, traveling and being on the go, feels like home. Which has led me to my career choice of being a travel nurse! Growing up, I was the girl who took photos of everything! Now, I put the two together to share my creative and adventurous side! Being that my full time job is being a registered nurse in an emergency room, this blog is an outlet for me to share my creativity, adventures and share the beauty of exploration all around us!

What does traveling along with WildlyNorth do for you?

You can expect this blog to contain fun stays, local brews, and outdoor views within the Midwest and beyond. A few highlights would include:

  • fun lodging getaways
  • local food & brews
  • road trip itineraries
  • product + lifestyle photography
  • solo traveling advice
  • sharing hidden gems
  • travel nurse adventures

I hope to inspire you by showcasing my travels through my camera lens. Whether that be to book a local trip, a week long vacation, or even a hike just outside your door! I want to encourage you to live your life and travels, wildly outdoors!

Do things that make you happy to be alive!

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